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You can now contact us for free!

You can now contact us for free!

Here at Karbon, we do our best to listen to customers and improve our services. So when people asked for an easier way to contact us, we set out to find one.

We are pleased to announce that from today, you can reach us at any time on anything relating to your Karbon home and services on a single telephone number. Better still, any calls you make to that number will be completely FREE.

The new freephone telephone number is 0808 164 0111.

Whether you are calling us from a landline or mobile, you will not be charged for making the call and one of our experienced Customer Relationship Team colleagues will be happy to help you. Why not pop our new number into the contacts list on your mobile?

Our team is available Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm. But if you need to call us outside of these hours then don't worry - your call will be diverted to our out-of-hours contact provider where you can report emergency repairs, pay your rent or report any instance of anti-social behaviour.

Please remember, you can also access our services right here online and through our social media channels:

Facebook: KarbonHomes
Twitter: @KarbonHomes

As always, we are keen to find out what our customers think and how we can improve our services so please get in touch. Just give us a call - it's free now after all!

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23 April 2018

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