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DIY Christmas Decorations

DIY Christmas Decorations

Make your season both merry and bright with these super-easy, homemade Christmas decor ideas.

How to: make a Christmas candy cane sleigh
How cute is this candy cane Santa sleigh as a simple stocking filler or inexpensive gift? Perfect for kids to give to their friends, family or even their teacher. Try stacking the sleigh with different combinations of treats – you only need a few chocolates to create a great effect. To make, simply stack a KitKat and miniature chocolate bars on top of two candy canes. Stick each item together using double-sided sticky tape or ordinary tape doubled over. Tie string or ribbon around the top to decorate and add any kind of flourish you fancy. You can even add a little chocolate Santa in the driving seat!

How to: make Christmas card bunting
Too many cards to display? Discovered a stack from last year when you unpacked the tree? Try turning them into colourful, festive garlands. Experiment with different sizes and shapes.

How to: make a wrap bauble
Fancy a new colour scheme for your tree this year? Give old baubles a new look with this neat upcycling trick. Try exploring with different fabrics and finishing touches. What about old wrapping paper, newspaper, magazines? Even parchment paper used for baking works brilliantly to create a bauble you’ll see on no other tree. Just wrap the bauble in the fabric, folding neatly as you go. Secure with the rubber band and tie string or ribbon to make a nice bow. Trim any excess material and add a new loop for hanging if you like. Simple!

Simply cut diamond-shapes from cards and fold them in half so the colour shows on both sides. Stick along a length of string, twine or ribbon using double-sided sticky tape or glue – remembering to leave a length at either end for hanging. Try adding your own festive message by writing or sticking letters cut out from magazines on the inside of some of your diamonds.

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2 December 2019

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