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Find out more about our... Finance Apprenticeship

Find out more about our... Finance Apprenticeship

Find out more about our Finance Apprentice position

With just a few days left to submit your application for our Finance Operations Co-ordinator apprentice position, we’re chatting to members of Karbon’s finance team to find out what a role in finance looks like and where it can take you.

“But aren’t jobs in finance boring? Isn’t it just sitting before a computer crunching number? I hear these comments all the time and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

"I love my role at Karbon, it’s incredibly varied, with lots of problem solving and thinking on my feet. The ability to multi-task is essential that’s for sure. I started here in 2017 as a temporary colleague covering an absence and over two years later here I am, now part of the furniture. That says a lot about working for Karbon Homes and the finance team here.

"A “typical day” is hard to say because my responsibilities are so mixed and no two days are ever the same.

"When I first started with Karbon I was looking after the processing of customer rent payments and since then I’ve gradually learned other roles within the Finance Operations team. You can often find me processing invoices, raising sales invoices, working on cashbooks, managing the petty cash, processing banking or chasing payments.

"As I said no two days are the same, so it pays to be flexible and up for a learning new skills.

"Within the Finance team we each have our own specialist areas but it’s always handy to be flexible and multi-skilled to help one another out when needed. Studying at College alongside working will make this possible as you’ll be learning about all areas of finance. It will also help you figure out which areas of finance you enjoy the most.

"We also have quite a few people on the team studying for accountancy exams so there will always be someone around for support when it comes to your studies

"As a team we completely dispel the myth that people who work in finance are boring. We’re such a mixed bag, all of different ages and interests, and there’s rarely a dull moment. You’ll be surrounded by welcoming, friendly colleagues, all of which are experienced and brilliant at what they do, and they will make your time at Karbon really enjoyable and worthwhile.

"You also couldn’t pick a better company to do an apprenticeship with than Karbon. They prioritise flexible working which means you can balance your work and personal life in the way that suits your needs."

Rahim Himani, Finance Technician.


Why did you want to work in finance?

"An old University pal actually has a tape recording of me saying I would never be an accountant but here I am 30 odd years later still an accountant!

"The reason I ignored my own advice and have stayed in this job is the variety it offers.

"The financial industry is enormous, and with a vast array of positions, working in an abundance of sectors, finance offers an incredible amount of opportunities.

"The skills you learn whilst studying for an accounts qualification are transferable which means your career could take you anywhere.

"I’ve worked in merchant banking, pension fund management, I’ve worked for the DWP, Councils, the NHS and most recently housing. I’ve worked in both the UK and overseas in a variety of roles from system development, business modelling, management and financial accounts, and along the way have kept a healthy work/life balance, working alongside some great people.

"When I look back it’s only now I realise just how flexible the qualification is, it allows you to take control of your own career through the opening of so many doors.

"Maybe I’ll do a new tape recording saying why I was wrong all those years ago!

John Gough, Senior Business Partner (Finance)


To find out more about this position and the other apprenticeships available, visit our apprenticeship page

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31 July 2019

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