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New affordable homes in Haydon Bridge

New affordable homes in Haydon Bridge

Our development team is about to start work on a new project in the Northumberland village of Haydon Bridge.

Our approved plans will see us demolish a total of 24 lock up garages on Greenwich Gardens in the village to make way for the new development.

We have written to the remaining tenants of the garages to give one month’s notice. The garage tenancies allow us to give just one week’s notice, but we thought it was fairer to extend this period to one month.

We will then be constructing six new family homes and providing 36 new parking spaces – 20 spaces adjacent to the new homes, and 16 along Langley Gardens, opposite the existing parking provision.

The number of spaces to be provided was increased from 20 to 36 after we held a consultation event last year, where it was apparent that parking was a significant concern for local residents.

We have received confirmation from the Department for Transport that the road leading to our garages from the north has been formally stopped up and is no longer a public highway.

So now our contractors will be fencing off the whole site containing the garages for the duration of the construction process, which we expect to last until Spring 2020.

We will maintain access along the footpaths on the eastern and southern boundaries of the site, for as much of the construction process as possible, though it will be necessary to close off access to some areas temporarily while the existing garages are demolished and the site made good. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause to local residents.

Prior to drawing up our detailed plans for development, we engaged with officers at Northumberland County Council to better understand local housing needs.

As a result, we‘ve tried to plan our development with the community’s needs in mind – in particular providing modern, high quality, affordable homes for families in the area.

We recognise that new developments can cause concern but we hope that Haydon Bridge residents will understand the benefits this project will provide for the area.

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15 July 2019

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Picture caption: Approved plans for Haydon Bridge

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