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Gas Safety FAQ

Gas Safety FAQ

Karbon Homes has a duty under the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 to carry out an annual safety check of all gas fired appliances, Flues and gas carrying pipework owned by Karbon.

The following information should answer any concerns you have about what to expect from us and what we, in turn, expect from you.

 Please note: Karbon Homes are Registered Gas Installers with Gas Safe Register  

As part of the management of its homes, Karbon Homes have a legal and moral duty to ensure that residents living within our properties are safe – This guide is for all Karbon properties that have gas central heating or other gas appliances

What is gas servicing?
Landlords have a legal obligation to ensure the gas appliances they own are safe to use. This includes flues and pipework carrying gas and products to and from each appliance. At the same time appliances are cleaned and serviced to make sure they work reliably and efficiently.

Unsafe gas appliances can result in deadly Carbon Monoxide gases leaking into your home.

Who will carry out the servicing?
Only Gas Safe registered engineers directly employed by or contracted by Karbon Homes will carry out these essential gas safety checks.

What will be done during the gas safety check and service?
 If your home has gas heating boiler or gas fire owned by Karbon they must be inspected. This may involve the removal, cleaning and renewal of parts as required. And where necessary an inspection of any ventilation requirements, the gas fitter may ask if you have noticed any noises, smells or any other problems with your appliances. You will then be asked to sign the gas fitters paperwork, or hand held device, you will receive a copy of your certificate within 28 days.

How long will it take?
Normally a gas service should take between 30 and 60 minutes – this may be longer depending on the number and type of gas appliances you have in your home, or if there are problems found during the servicing.

How will I know when the engineer is due at my home?
You will receive a letter before your service is due advising when an engineer will call to your property, you will be offered an AM/PM appointment, you are welcome to call to change this appointment if the date offered is not suitable, another appointment will be scheduled to suit your needs, on the day allocated an engineer will call at your home at the appointed time slot (AM/PM).

What if I’m out when they call?
The engineer will leave a card stating the date and time they called.

PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS CARD. Ring the telephone number printed on the card and book an appointment as soon as possible.

What will happen if I do not allow my gas safety check and service to take place?
As well as breaching your tenancy agreement, your appliances could become potentially dangerous or may even break down. This could mean no heating or hot water until they are serviced and fixed. If no contact is made by you after missing the first appointment you will receive a second letter requesting that you contact us to make another appointment, this will then be followed by a warning notice asking you to contact Karbon to arrange the safety check. This if not addressed could result in you being taken to court by Karbon Homes and be ordered by the court to allow access to the property and be liable for the court costs incurred.

What should I do if I think my gas appliances are not working properly?You should turn them off immediately and open doors and windows for ventilation. Then you should call our repairs line on 0300 300 1505 and let them know what is happening.

 If you can smell gas at any time or you think you have a gas leak please contact the Emergency Services Provider (formally called Transco), free of charge on 0800 111 999 this number is available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

Service Standards – what you can expect

Karbon Homes will aim to deliver an excellent service and to the following service standards:

  • We will service all Karbon owned gas appliances in all our properties annually.
  • We will write to our residents giving them advance notice of the indicative service date.
  • We will ensure the service is carried out promptly and effectively.
  • We will treat our residents’ homes with respect.
  • We will carry out repairs to gas appliances promptly and effectively.
  • We will provide an out of hours emergency repair service all year round.
  • We will provide temporary heating equipment if required.
  • We will check and commission appliances when new residents move in.
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