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Life in Sheltered Housing

Life in Sheltered Housing

As our customers get older and reach a point where living alone is no longer a suitable option, Karbon’s sheltered housing offer provides independent living in a supported environment. A haven where customers can feel safe and secure.

How do we know this? Well it comes straight from the residents who live there.

Ron Jenkins is a resident at Athlone Court, one of Karbon’s sheltered schemes in Blyth. Ron is 91 and is originally from Birmingham. He relocated to the North East many years ago to be close to family who lived in the area. He moved to Athlone Court in 1993 and has lived there happily ever since.

Ron is a big advocate of sheltered housing and as a keen poet, he decided to express his thoughts on where he lives in a poem which he shared with Athlone’s Scheme Co-ordinator, Anne Young.


Gosh! how lovely, to be spoiled, and pampered.

Gosh! how wonderful, to feel safe, and secure.

To have someone who really cares for you,

your fears, and worries, get fewer and fewer.


The friendship, and company, of each other,

it is something beyond compare.

The laughter, the tears, and sorrows,

are there for all to share.


We have coffee mornings and bingo,

trips out, to get away for the day.

We have meetings with staff and management,

each resident is invited, to have his, or her say.


It is a blessing to know there are dwellings,

where you can live in peace and ease.

Where you can do your own little thing,

to come, and go, as you please.


There is a lot to be said for sheltered housing.

It should be advertised quite a lot more.

It is nice to know you are safe and secure,

when you have turned the latch on your door.


 To thank Ron for sharing his lovely poem, Anne arranged for the poem to be designed and framed, and hung up in the court for all to see.

Ron said: “I am thrilled with the gift of seeing the poem in a frame, and was delighted to have Jon and Anne from Karbon visit.

“Even at the age of 91, I feel comfortable going out every day. Even though I don't need help getting up, out and around, living in Athlone Court means that if I did, or if something went wrong, help would be there and that is really reassuring. I love coming home to my own little palace and have very few worries really. Another thing I appreciate is being able to go to my Scheme Co-ordinator, Anne, for support and advice on just about anything.”

Anne added: "I personally have always been an advocate of Sheltered Housing, now Retirement Living, as from personal experience I have seen the positive impact it has on people."

"All the residents that live in Athlone Court really appreciate seeing someone on site for reassurance rather than a phone call, and the social side of living in scheme does wonders for their confidence as they grow older.

"When I started with Guinness Trust Care and Support 11 years ago, I said I would treat each resident as I would have wanted my parents treated. I have carried this on since being employed by Karbon Homes since May 2018, and will continue to provide the best service I possibly can to those who live in my scheme."


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27 September 2019

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