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Manors residents create positive quarantine ditties

Manors residents create positive quarantine ditties

Manors residents create positive quarantine ditties

Over the last few weeks, whilst keeping safe indoors, we have all been finding ways to keep ourselves entertained. Board games, watching movies, and home exercises are just a few activities to name.

Over at our Extra Care scheme in Prudhoe, The Manors, Activities Coordinator, Lauren McKie, challenged our residents to write a ditty, a short simple song. The challenge was to put pen to paper and create a ditty based on current events and how there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The challenge for the residents this weekend is to create something from play dough, linked to the theme of Easter. We’re sure the residents will have just as much fun with this project as they did with the last.

Perhaps you at home could create your own ditties? Whether it be on staying safe or the Easter weekend.

Below you can read the final ditty which the residents came up with. Hope you enjoy!

Manors Ditty

You challenged us to write a ditty,

so here goes, it won’t be pretty.

The corona virus it will surely be beat,

so try and chill till we get back on the street.

We miss out trips to the shops,

meeting with friends for coffee is tops.

Boris has said we can’t go out,

so it’s no good starting to scream and shout.

We’ll just have to wait and put up with it,

no good having a temper fit.

Try and stay healthy and exercise,

shout at corona, we will survive. (and we will)



Everyone should be reducing their interactions with others to reduce transmission of #COVID19

People at increased risk of severe illness should be particularly stringent in following the advice

Read Public Health's guidance here:

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8 April 2020

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