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Handmade Christmas Gift

Handmade Christmas Gift
Handmade gifts are a great way to help keep Christmas affordable and the time spent creating them shows your loved ones just how special they are. These cute reindeer bath gift sets are lovely for little ones to give and receive. They’re perfect for teachers, friends and family members or as a stocking filler. They’re so easy to make…

How to make your own reindeer soap surprise!

You'll need: 

• Wash cloth
• Bar of soap
• Two pipe cleaners
• Rubber band
• Piece of ribbon
• Stick on eyes and nose
• Tag

Step by step:

Step 1 - Lie your wash cloth out in front of you in a diamond shape. Then position your bar of soap in the middle of the cloth.

Step 2 - Take the corner closest to you and the back corner and bring them together.

Step 3 - Starting from the corners in your hand, roll the cloth towards the bar of soap. This needs to be done quite tightly.

Step 4 - Bring the side corners together in the middle to make the reindeer ears. Tie together with a rubber band.

Step 5 - Now for the fun part! Bring your reindeer to life with decorations.

  • Fold a pipe cleaner in half and thread up under the rubber band to create the base of the antlers. Cut another pipe cleaner into two pieces and bend each around the base of the antlers to form the branch shape. Try adding tiny bells or fake snow to the ends for extra cuteness.
  • Tie a ribbon or piece of tinsel around the rubber band, glue on some googly eyes and a pompom nose. Thread a small bell added to the bow of the ribbon and add a gift tag and you’re done!

Top tip-Fizz things up by replacing the soap with a bath bomb or a little bag of bath salts.

Reindeer Poem - You might like to add this poem to your label, or why not create your own?

Here’s a cute reindeer,
He’s full of Christmas cheer.
Undo the ribbon ties,
And find inside a soap surprise!

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17 December 2020

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