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Take 5!

Your questions answered.

Changing times means lots of new questions. To help you get answers quickly, we've rounded up the top five queries we've had from customers in recent weeks. 

With Ashley Wallace, Customer Experience Manager

Q - What services are operating and what should I expect if someone from Karbon comes to my home?

A - All services are up and running, including services within customers’ homes such as repairs, surveyor inspections, gas servicing and electrical testing. Please bear with us however, as reduced contact, self-isolation when required and extra cleaning means things may take a little longer than usual. We are also finding our supply chains are still impacted, making it harder to get certain materials. Delays can be frustrating, and we apologise if you experience any, but please be assured we are working hard to get to you as soon as we can whilst maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Services indoors will be carried out providing nobody in your household is shielding, self-isolating, displaying symptoms or confirmed as having Covid-19. If you can, please leave windows and internal doors open before the appointment. We’re maintaining a two-metre social distance, so please respect that when we call. We’ll use hand sanitiser and ask that you go to another room while we are working. We will sanitise the area before and after work too and will be wearing gloves and masks. You can also still move home. We’ll be wearing masks and gloves during inspections or transfers, and ask you to wear a face covering too. We always have robust Covid-19 safe risk assessments in place.

If you have any concerns before our visit, just give us a call on 0808 164 0111. Any updates to our services in line with Government advice will be communicated via our website and by email. Help us to stay in touch with you by checking we have your up-to-date contact details. These can be updated by calling our usual number or via the My Karbon portal.

Q - Can I still get emergency repairs done?

A - Yes. Emergency repairs can be booked 24/7 by calling our main number 0808 164 0111. An emergency is defined as something which could cause, or lead to, danger to someone’s health or safety, or cause, or lead to, serious damage and destruction to property. Some examples of an emergency include: burst pipes or serious leaks (not a dripping tap for example), blocked drains, total loss of electrical power, lighting or heating and severe roof leaks.

If there is a suspected case of Covid-19 in your home and you have an emergency, we’ll wear PPE, including gloves and masks, to assess the work. We’ll fix the problem if we can or make it safe and return once the period of isolation has ended.

Q - What are the fastest ways to pay rent or book a repair?

A - We’ve introduced two new convenient ways to organise services, in addition to our usual customer service options. 

My Karbon. Use your online account to check and pay your rent balance, book a repair slot and update your contact details. If you’ve not already done so, set up your account at and select My Karbon from the top menu.

Automated phone line. You can now check your rent balance and make a payment anytime, day or night, without even speaking to an advisor. Just call the usual number, select the payment option, and provide your tenancy number to use the new automated service.

Q - Do you still need to come to my home to do gas safety checks?

A - Yes. We’re still doing these vital checks, which are required by law. We're doing everything we can to keep you and our colleagues safe when we come in to your homes by sticking to social distancing guidelines and wearing protective gear. We understand if you’re shielding and don’t feel comfortable letting us in, but we'll still need to do the check as soon as possible.

Q - What support can you give me to deal with anti-social behaviour?

A - Call Karbon anytime on 0808 164 0111 to report the incidents you are experiencing and we will talk through what support is available. Don't worry if your call is out of office hours, our iWitness service is still on hand. They're a specially trained, independent and accredited team who
can respond to calls of disturbances and provide accurate and credible witness statements.

At the moment, due to Covid-19, iWitness won’t enter your home but will still attend. In an emergency, always call the police on 999. For nonemergencies call the police on 101.

Remember, we’re here to help with any other questions – see the back page for all the ways to get in touch with us.


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11 December 2020

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