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How to navigate the money maze

How to navigate the money maze

Have you recently changed where you live, who you live with or your working arrangements? Has your health changed or have you had other major changes in circumstances? If so, then we can help you to check you’re not missing out on any potential income.

In the last 12 months our skilled benefits and money advisers generated a record-breaking £5.3 million for Karbon customers – that’s an average of £4,635 for each person who we helped to make a claim. Our Money Matters Team is here to help you navigate the money maze to maximise your income.

1. Get in touch with the team for a quick and free benefit check.

2. Find out within five minutes if you’re entitled to anything new. Just answer a few questions on the phone.

3. If you are eligible to make a new claim, get advice on exactly how to apply, including help to get any necessary forms and support to complete them.

4. Get help to gather any evidence to support your claim.

Hooray! There’s more money in your account. You could also be entitled to other benefits.

We’ll help you challenge the decision.


Benefits breakdown
We help customers claim a wide range of benefits to improve their circumstances relating to their ability to work, caring responsibilities, housing needs and health. Here are just some of the highlights of what the team has helped customers to claim in the last 12 months:

£1m+ Personal Independence Payment

£950k Employment and Support Allowance

£208k Discretionary Housing Payments

£119k Carers’ Allowance


Your money questions answered 
By Lee Forrest, our Money Matters Team Manager

Q. My employer has reduced my hours and I can’t cover my costs. My neighbour has offered to lend me some money because my bank has refused – what would you advise?

A. Firstly, I’d ask you to think twice about whether you really do need to borrow that extra cash. Have you explored other ways of making savings or increasing your income to avoid paying long into 2020 with loan repayments?

Your change in circumstances could mean you are entitled to additional benefits, so it’s well worth having a quick benefits check. My team is also on hand if you’d like to chat through your household budget and get some advice on the best way to manage things. We’ll go through your income, your spending, and your debts with you, and then explain your options.

If you do decide to borrow, make sure it’s from a responsible, legal lender – not someone who could exploit your situation by demanding extortionate rates of interest. Avoid at all costs borrowing from someone who could be a loan shark. The England Illegal Money Lending Team gives advice on how to spot, report, and deal with loan sharks.

Call them on 0300 555 2222 or visit the website, Also, be aware of high-cost credit that even legal lenders often charge. Your local credit union could be a good place to turn – visit to find one near you.

Anyone thinking about taking out a high-cost loan, who would like some thinking space to consider their decision and its potential consequences, can download an app called Indebted Life from the App Store or Google Play. You can also find it online at

Get in touch
Call us on 0808 164 0111 to make an appointment with the Money Matters Team

Email us at

Visit our website for information

Email your money questions for Lee to


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13 January 2020

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