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Proposed extended partnership between Karbon Homes and Byker Community Trust

Proposed extended partnership between Karbon Homes and Byker Community Trust

The Board members of Karbon Homes and Byker Community Trust (BCT) housing associations have agreed to explore a more formal partnership between the two organisations.

Karbon and BCT have already been working together successfully in a cost-sharing partnership since July 2016. The partnership has resulted in significant savings, improved performance and increased customer satisfaction for BCT customers.

Karbon has supported BCT in keeping their homes and neighbourhood safe and secure and our colleagues continue to provide key repairs and maintenance and grounds maintenance services in Byker.

The proposed partnership would enable BCT to deliver its strategic objectives of:

  • Making Byker an Estate of Choice,
  • Contributing to a thriving Byker, and
  • Ensuring that BCT’s community ethos is sustained

If the partnership goes ahead, this would mean that Karbon Homes will be the new owner of the Estate, but the management area would continue to be called Byker Community Trust, and Karbon Homes would deliver all of the services.

A formal six week consultation period has now begun with BCT customers and will run until 30 October 2020.  BCT’s Board will consider all feedback from the consultation and will then make a final decision regarding the partnership in December 2020. If the Board decides to go ahead, the findings of the consultation will be presented to BCT Shareholders for consideration in January 2021.

If Shareholders agree to proceed, the new partnership with Karbon Homes could be in place by April 2021.

There will be no change or impact for existing Karbon customers.

Paul Fiddaman, Chief Executive of Karbon Homes added: “We’ve been successfully working with Byker Community Trust for a number of years now and have built some strong working relationships as well as an understanding of the Byker Estate.

“At Karbon, we build, manage and look after almost 30,000 homes across the North with a mission of providing people with a strong foundation for life. Our strategic aims focus on the provision of as many good quality homes as we can; delivering excellent services to customers; and shaping strong and sustainable places. We aim to do this by building new homes, investing in our existing homes and in a range of community projects, and supporting our customers with any challenges life throws at them.

“This is a really exciting opportunity to work closely with a fantastic local community. We are hoping through this proposed extended partnership, we can build strong foundations for even more people.”

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns about the proposed extended partnership between Karbon Homes and BCT, please drop us an email on:




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10 September 2020

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