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Lockdown won’t slow renovations

We’re determined to stick to our promise to invest more than £11 million in 2020/21 on everything from roofs and railings to rewiring and redecoration. Bob and Gerry Welton of Prudhoe show us round the new kitchen and bathroom they almost gave up on.

Gerry: “When lockdown first started, we assumed that would mean an end to our hopes of getting a new kitchen and bathroom this year. We’d been really looking forward to the changes because we had a separate toilet and bathroom at the back of our bungalow. The idea was to knock down the toilet to make a much bigger kitchen and to turn the bathroom into a wet room, complete with loo.

Obviously, there was nothing anyone could do about the Covid-19 situation so we just thought the plans would be put back. But as soon as they got the word they could go again, Karbon were straight back at it! 

First, they renovated an empty bungalow in our street and when that was finished, they moved us in so they could do the same work to our house. It’s really exciting because we are getting to enjoy the changes here, knowing we’ll have the same thing to look forward to when we get home! 

The kitchen is absolutely amazing. It’s now about 8ft longer and the workmanship is beautiful. The room is bright and airy and it just makes you feel so good. I’m a very tidy person and the extra cupboards and drawers mean there’s no need for clutter anywhere. Everything can have its place and there’s so much room to work.”

Bob: “The wet room is much better suited to our needs because it was starting to be a bit of a struggle to climb in and out of the bath. The guys have worked really hard and just seem so determined to get it done. Our Customer Liaison Officer Margaret Terrone has handled everything so well for all of the residents in our street who are having work done.

We’re all older and have our illnesses and difficulties but she has made everything so straightforward and simple for us. Nothing is a bother to her – we just pick up the phone and she makes it happen. She’s been our rock.”

We’re still on track to deliver…

  • 370 roofs
  • 150 bathroom and kitchens
  • 220 door and window replacements 
  • 330 heating upgrades 
  • 1, 200 fences and boundary works 
  • 5, 000 exterior decoration improvements 

David Milburn, Head of Investment - "Teams right across Karbon worked together during lockdown to make sure we could get everything ready to start the renovations when the restrictions eased. It was a massive effort to get tenders out and contractors appointed.
We wanted to be ready as soon as we had the word to go and we were! We are still aiming to have the majority of work completed before the winter, because we’ve worked closely with our contractors to adapt the programmes into a shorter period, with the addition of extra safety measures."

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30 September 2020

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