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Meet our Asset Team

Meet our Asset Team

We’ve just begun a major review of all our homes to identify future improvements. Sue Welford introduces us to the Asset Management Team who’ll be knocking on your door and tells us what it’s all about.

What does the Asset Management Team do Sue?

We’re a small but central part of Karbon. We help to develop investment programmes, ensure compliance with regulations and help the business to meet energy efficiency standards. We collect information to support teams right across Karbon including maintenance, specialist housing, regeneration and finance.

Why does the team need access to homes?

We need to understand the current condition and investment needs of all properties so we can make sure everyone gets the right improvements at the right time. The best way of doing that is to carry out a survey of your home. We assess the age and condition of key parts of your home against government guidance included in the Decent Homes Standard and make a judgement on when they are likely to need to be replaced.

How often does this happen?

We are six months into an accelerated programme of surveys to help us better plan the future of your home. By accessing as many of your homes as we can over the next two years, we can gather enough information to allow us to create short, medium and long term plans. Once the current programme is completed, we will revert back to a programme of surveying your home every five years.

What’s involved?

As we work our way around your homes, we write to every customer advising when we’d like to carry out a survey. We always give at least two weeks’ notice so you know we are coming or can make an alternative appointment. When we arrive, we’ll always provide a copy of our ID. The survey itself usually takes no more than half an hour. We’ll check the exterior of the property and also look at the kitchen, bathroom, the boiler and any hallways or stairs where there is a smoke detector. We’ll look at the windows and prefer to do this internally rather than from outside so we may ask to take a look in bedrooms as well, in order to get to the window. It’s helpful if we can take photos but just let us know if you’d prefer us not to.

What happens next?

Customers are often understandably keen to find out if their homes will be receiving work and when. We won't know details and dates at the time of the survey, in fact it can take a bit of time for all the data to be collected for homes in your area. Once we've determined which homes will need improvements and put a plan in place, we'll get in touch to tell you what's planned and when.

It’s good to check

Your safety is our priority and the Asset Team understand how important it is that you know exactly who you are letting into your home.

That’s why we prefer to arrange the appointment in advance and on arrival we’ll provide a copy of our ID.

If you’re ever in doubt about doorstep callers remember these golden rules:

  • Be extra vigilant if someone knocks unexpectedly
  • Check for a Karbon Homes ID
  • Call us on 0808 164 0111 and we can check if the appointment is planned. A Karbon colleague will be fine with this

You can report anything that concerns you to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or Northumbria Police on 101.

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10 December 2021

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