Planned smoke alarm system upgrades

Your safety is our priority and we’re always working to make your home safer

So, we’re investing £1.4m in upgrading our existing smoke alarm systems.

This equates to 4,800 homes receiving an improved LD1/LD2 smoke alarm system over the coming years. Allocation is based on smoke detector expiry dates so rest assured your current smoke alarm system is still safe.

More alarms 

The improved system has more smoke alarms, so you’ll be notified of an emergency faster. 

In key areas 

Alarms will be fitted in high-risk areas, principal living spaces or all spaces that form part of the escape route. Your new coverage includes: 

  • Hall or landing 
  • Living room 
  • Kitchen 
  • Loft conversion. 

Handy fire safety tips 

  • Never leave cooking unattended – did you know 48% of accidental fires are caused by cooking appliances* 
  • Don’t overload extension leads or plug sockets - Electrical appliances are the 2nd highest source of accidental fires* 
  • If you are using a portable heater, make sure it is in a clear and not covered 
  • Unplug the electrical devices when not in use. 

*Source: Fire Statistics, England April 2017 to March 2018 

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Wednesday, 3rd February 2021

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