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Introducing our new Customer Service Standards

Introducing our new Customer Service Standards

We've held a number of focus groups with customers, many of whom had never engaged with us before and asked them to make suggestions on what elements of Karbon’s service they’d like to see us measure and regularly report on.

This is to show we are meeting the standards which are set by the Regulator of Social Housing. 

It was really useful to hear what good customer service meant to each of them. Following the group work, we agreed on a set of Customer Service Standards which were then signed off by our Strategic Residents Group and the Karbon Leadership Team.

They are:

  1. All blocks of flats with communal doors will have a current and up to date Fire Risk Assessment.
  2. We will answer calls to our emergency ‘Out of Hours’ telephone service within 100 seconds.
  3. We will ensure our homes are kept safe by successfully checking all gas appliances in your home once a year.
  4. If you make a complaint, we will acknowledge it within 1 working day and we aim to resolve 75% at first point of contact at Stage 0.
  5. We will answer calls into to our Customer Relationship Team via the Freephone service within 100 seconds, Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.
  6. We will provide all customers with clear and appropriate information in relation to their new home, including legal obligations relating to their tenancy (we are making some system changes to track this and will be able to report on this from January 21 2021).
  7. When you report your repair, we’ll complete it in the following times:
    1. 24 hours for emergency repairs
    2. 20 days for non-emergency repairs.
  8. 100% of our properties will meet the Decent Homes Standard.
  9. We will visit all of our schemes and estates on at least a quarterly basis and where relevant, will invite customers, Local Authorities, Police and other parties to attend.
  10. We will keep you informed of the progress of your home from offer to commencement of tenancy.

We will start reporting against these metrics in the next edition of our new customer email, Take Five, and they will be published quarterly on our website.

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2 February 2021

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