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Paul is the new chair of the Northern Housing Consortium

Paul is the new chair of the Northern Housing Consortium

Our chief executive Paul Fiddaman has been chosen to be the new Chair of the Northern Housing Consortium.

The NHC is a membership body that speaks for, and lobbies for, almost every housing provider in the north of England.

Paul will be replacing Tom Miskell, who stepped down as Chair at the NHC’s last AGM in December.

Paul has been a member of the NHC board since 2017.

The NHC represents the views of over 96% of housing providers across the North of England. It uses the views and experiences of members to influence policy, aiming to be a strong Northern voice on behalf of its membership.

Paul said: “I’m delighted to be taking over as Chair at the NHC at a very exciting time for both the organisation and sector.

“This last year has shown the commitment, ambition and professionalism of the NHC team, especially when it comes to supporting members and being the voice of the North’s social housing sector. I am really excited about how we can continue to connect members and policy makers together to make the North an even better place to live for everyone.”

Tracy Harrison, NHC Chief Executive said: “Paul has become Chair at a time when we are really driving positive change forward in our organisation and we welcome him to his new role.

“The events of 2020 forced a lot of change upon our work and we have adapted well to meet the needs of our stakeholders. In 2021 we plan to build upon this, delivering even greater value for our members and taking an even bigger role in making housing policy work for the North.”

“On behalf of our other board members, our staff and all of our members I would like to thank Tom Miskell for his support as Chair. His influence on the organisation has put us in a great position for the years ahead.”

The announcement of Paul taking over as chair coincides with the launch of a new look for the NHC, intended to articulate the strong, modern and professional nature of the organisation.

You can find out more about the NHC at

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27 January 2021

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