Assistive technology – helping our customers to stay safe at home

Assistive technology – helping our customers to stay safe at home

Falls at homes are a significant threat to the health and independence of adults aged 65+ and speed of response in an emergency can be critical to a person’s chance of a full and quick recovery.

For customers who have a Warden Call Alarm system with us, with one press of the button on the unit or by using the voice activation function, they can raise the alarm if there is an issue. However, in the case of a fall where the customer may find themselves unable to reach the alarm unit, or worse are left unable to raise the alarm verbally, additional assistive technology can be a real lifesaver.

Our telecare and alarms team has been working closely with our mobile response providers, BDS Mobile Response Services, to identify our customers who have had a fall whilst at home and contact them to talk about the benefits of having fall monitors and assistive technology.

Tony Jeavons in the team recently received some fantastic feedback regarding the help he was able to offer one of our residents, Margaret Burt, who lives at Athlone Court in Blyth. Margaret has early onset dementia, which sometimes leaves her quite vulnerable and confused, but is managing to continue living independently in her flat with care from her daughter Linda and support from scheme coordinator, Anne Young.

Margaret had suffered a fall at home which resulted in a stay in hospital. The incident not only knocked Margaret but it had quite an impact on Linda, who was left feeling incredibly worried about leaving her Mum in case something similar was to happen again.

Tony contacted Margaret to talk to her about a fall monitor, which triggers if the wearer has fallen and then doesn’t attempted to move/stand up or manually cancelled the alarm. Margaret opted for a wrist watch sensor, which she loves and feels comfortable wearing day to day.

As well as Margaret now feeling more that bit safer at home, the main benefit is the reassurance it has brought Linda, who is relieved that someone would be contacted immediately should she fall again, which hopefully will mean no more stays in hospital.

So far it has only been triggered once, which fortunately wasn’t for a fall and Anne was there to respond. Better safe than sorry for sure.


If you are interested in finding out more about our telecare and alarms service, whether it be for yourself or for a friend or loved on, please do get in touch.

You can either call our Customer contact centre on 0808 164 0111 and ask to speak to Tony Jeavons, our telecare and alarms assistant, or you can drop us an email to

You can find out more about the service on our webpage.

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Friday, 4th June 2021

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