Your voice matters

Your voice matters

Listening to our customers is really important to us, especially when it comes to helping us decide where we should focus our efforts in the future.

Over the last few months we have tried to do this by talking and listening to customers in a number of ways. We worked with an external research agency to ask almost 500 customers what services were important to them and gathered their views on how we were performing in those areas.

We held virtual workshops with customers and these covered particular issues that we are looking to explore further at Karbon. Topics included climate change; how we work with specific communities and places; how we can personalise and tailor our service more; and how we could improve our customer experience across digital channels. These workshops gave us the opportunity to have real in-depth discussions and gave us some really valuable insight.

Finally, we looked closely at the information and feedback we already have through things like performance data and looking at customer complaints, compliments and suggestions. This has helped us build a picture of where we have opportunities to improve our services and better meet customer expectations.  

All of this is also combined with feedback from our colleagues to help us shape the key areas that we will be focusing on for the next few years and ensure it is based on what our customers want and need.  

Thank you for all your input, it really makes a difference and ensures we are putting our efforts and resources into areas that really matter to you.

There are lots of different projects like this that customers can get involved in, why not become one of our involved residents and stay in the loop on future projects? Email us at

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Friday, 4th June 2021

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