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Money Matters Team provides peace of mind

Money Matters Team provides peace of mind

Money Matters Team provides peace of mind

A customer has praised our Money Matters Team for supporting her to maximise all the benefits she is entitled to.

The customer who lives in Stanley, found out she was entitled to an additional £340 per month after one of our Money Matters caseworkers confirmed her income with Universal Credit, providing additional peace of mind. The team of specialists help Karbon customers to maximise their incomes - and lay the foundations for leading successful lives.

The customer was recently widowed in September and it was her late husband who looked after all of their finances and dealt with their benefits. She was worried about her finances. Her family supported her to complete the necessary application form to claim Universal Credit, but she didn’t feel she was benefitting.

She said: “I was claiming Universal Credit but only receiving a small payment once they deducted my Carer’s Allowance. This was really worrying and limited my income. One day I visited PACT House in Stanley and spoke to someone who suggested I contacted Karbon Homes’ Money Matters Team who would be able to review my case and look at what I was currently receiving and what I was entitled to. I was put in touch with Dawn who was very helpful in reviewing my circumstances.”

Dawn McLevy, Money Matters Caseworker at Karbon Homes, said: “With the help of her family, she had already applied for Universal Credit and completed the Work Capability Assessment to see whether she was entitled to Limited Capability for Work Related Activity. She was and because it was a new claim, there is a three-month delay before receiving the first payment, which we determined was an additional £340 per month.

“It was the delay in payments which worried her and subsequently limited her income, but I was able to reassure her and give her peace of mind that those payments would be made. We are still in contact and supporting her until she receives those payments regularly.”

Town Mayor, Cllr. Carole Hampson commented: “When this lady contacted me for help she did not know which way to turn, she was not sleeping at night with worry but thanks to Dawn from Karbon Homes’ Money Matters Team who soon reassured her and sorted things out she is now able to relax a bit now. I would urge people not to suffer in silence and struggle by yourself. Please get help to get sorted.”

These are really difficult times for people and we don’t want our customers to worry. If your circumstances have changed and you need to speak to someone, please contact the Money Matters Team and an advisor will review your case and provide the support necessary.


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4 May 2021

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