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Keeping you safe

We’re committed to keeping you and your family safe from fire and have

teams dedicated to your protection. Here’s an update on what they’re

working on and the role you can play.

Fire alarms

Your home

New standards have been set for fire alarms so we're busy upgrading all homes, including installing multiple detectors throughout your home. These will be hard-wired, meaning all alarms are connected so will sound simultaneously even if just one detects smoke.

Test the detectors in your home at least once a week. Just let us know if a unit doesn’t work or you don’t have any alarms installed.

Communal spaces

Fire alarms in communal areas of shared schemes require specialist skills to service and maintain. Under current regulations we are required to test these systems each week, which includes sounding the alarm. Where these systems extend into flats, we also require access at least once a year to carry out a full service on the system.

Keep you and your neighbours safe by giving us access to your home to check systems. This is also in the terms of your tenancy agreement.


Did you know the doors within your home and those within the communal parts of our blocks play

an important role in preventing the spread of smoke and fire?

  • Close internal doors before going to bed and make sure the main exit door keys are accessible and in a safe place.
  • Keep fire doors in blocks closed at all times and do not prop them open. Some doors will have signs on them advising that they are kept locked. Please let us know if you’ve noticed any damage to a fire door.

Changes in communal Buildings

It’s vital that escape routes are kept clear where residents share spaces with neighbours, and that nothing presents an obstacle to the fire and rescue service. It’s also important that nothing is stored in shared spaces that could start or support a fire. As part of our legal duty to carry out fire risk assessments, we’re introducing changes to keep you safe by creating ‘fire sterile areas’ in communal areas. These include corridors, cupboards, meter cupboards, loft spaces and other spaces which are not designated to a particular tenancy. Please make sure these areas are free from:

  • Belongings or unwanted items
  • Storage of bicycles, pushchairs/prams
  • Flammable materials
  • Door mats, picture frames, dried flowers or small side tables

Have your say

Share your views and feedback on our service, your home and your community by becoming an Involved Resident. Whether it’s fire safety, scrutiny, or home design, drop us a line and we’ll tell you more about the ways in which you can get involved email:

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6 December 2021

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