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Free benefits and money advice with Money Matters

Free benefits and money advice with Money Matters

You've probably seen in the news that the £20 weekly increase in payments for those claiming Universal Credit (UC) and Working Tax Credits that was introduced last year, comes to an end on 6 October.

Although the exact date people will continue to receive payments will vary depending on the day you usually receive your benefit.

If you're concerned about how you'll manage with the reduced income, speak to our Money Matters Team. They're experts in benefits and money, so whether it's a free benefit check, budgeting or looking at debt, you can come to us.

Here are just some of the ways the team can support you:

Benefits check

Make sure you aren’t missing out on any potential income by coming to us for a quick and free benefits check. In the last 12 months our skilled advisers generated over £6.5m in extra income for Karbon customers.

Heard something on the news and wondered if it affects you? Don’t waste time worrying or searching the internet – just ask us. Our team is bang up to date on everything to do with benefits and will guide you through it.


Creating a personal budget is a great first step towards taking control and is a really smart investment of your time. Why not speak to us about making a personal budget planner. When you’re finished, you’ll know how much money you have left at the end of each month – or how much you’re overspending.


We’ll help you to work out where you can make savings on your bills and cut costs. Changing tariff can help too. We can point you in the right direction to get this sorted and can help with fuel debt, getting you signed up to priority services if you’re eligible.


Did you know every customer has a dedicated Customer Accounts Officer who you can speak to if you have any concerns over paying your rent. We do everything we can to make paying rent as easy as possible, finding a rent payment plan that fits best with your income and circumstances, and getting you set up with a direct debit so you never fall behind. Contact your Customer Accounts Officer on the usual number 0808 164 0111.

Debt advice

We’re part of the Money Advice Network so can get you debt advice quickly – sometimes on the same day. We can also advise on loan sharks and illegal lending and sign post you to trustworthy alternatives such as credit unions.

Discounts and grants

You could be eligible to save money on your household bills through various grants, discounts and deals. There’s the Warm Home Discount scheme which offers up to £140 towards your energy bills, Winter Fuel payments for those born before 5 October 1954 or the SupportPlus Tariff which can reduce your water bill by up to 50%. We can work with you to check your eligibility for these grants and much more.

Get in touch

Call us on 0808 164 0111 to make an appointment with the Money Matters Team, email us at or fill out a self-referral form here.