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Making a house a home with our Home Comforts service

Making a house a home with our Home Comforts service

Across the UK more than two million people are living without at least one essential piece of furniture or major household appliance.  

We want to do our bit to fix this, and make sure our customers, who may otherwise struggle to afford them, have access to safe, good quality home furnishings and appliances when they move in to one of our homes. That’s where Home Comforts comes in. 

Home Comforts is our furniture and appliance rental service. It gives customers access to a core range of items for an affordable weekly payment. Items will be replaced if not working properly and can be returned at any time. 

The service isn’t brand new but it’s been given a total refresh, with a new, lower charge pack added and a focus on offering best rental value, with security of replacement of items too. 


How it works 

Customers can choose from three levels of packs. Each level gives access to a different number of items, meaning there are options for customers at all different stages.  

  • Home Start – this pack is designed for those starting out. Customers can pick one essential appliance. 
  • Home Essentials – this pack is for when extra help is needed to set up. Customers can choose from beds, appliances or furniture. 
  • Home Essentials+ - this pack is for when a customer might be starting from scratch or when the home essentials pack isn’t quite enough. Customers can choose from beds, appliances or furniture  


Why we do it 

Living without furniture and appliances that many would consider essential can have a detrimental impact on a person, both financially and emotionally. 

A survey from the Living Without campaign showed that on top of adding substantially to a family’s cost of living, people living without these essential appliances have lower life satisfaction, feel less worthwhile, are less happy and experience more anxiety. 

As part of the refresh of our service we carried out some of our own research with customers who already use the service, to understand what difference it had made to them. 99% of customers surveyed told us the service had played an important part in helping them settle into their home and 91% believed they would have struggled to furnish their home without it. 



You can find out more about the service on our website, 

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25 October 2021

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