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We've published our first ESG Report

The report outlines our performance against the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing

Karbon’s Stronger Foundations Strategy is focused on providing as many good quality homes as we can, delivering excellent customer service, and shaping strong, sustainable places for our communities.

To help achieve this, we aim to embed sound environmental, social and governance practices in everything we do.

Paul Fiddaman, Group Chief Executive at Karbon Homes said: “We’re proud to be one of the early adopters of this reporting standard. As an employer of over 900 colleagues and a landlord of almost 30,000 homes, we have a unique opportunity to make positive improvements for communities as well as the planet we live on. We’re committed to maintaining our reputation for sound and sustainable financial management and this report shows our journey towards ensuring sound environmental, social and governance practices across our work.”

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29 October 2021

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