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Bringing you with us on the journey to net zero carbon

Bringing you with us on the journey to net zero carbon

Did you know that homes account for around a quarter of all the North of England’s carbon emissions? 

With close to 30,000 homes across the North East and Yorkshire, we have a big part to play in helping make our properties more environment friendly. 

For all our homes to meet the government’s net zero carbon target, we need to invest in updating them to make them more environmentally friendly.  

Making sure our customers are part of this journey, and that any work we do benefits them, is very important to us. This is why we’re working closely with our residents as we develop our plans. 

One way in which we’ve done this so far is through our involvement with the Northern Housing Consortium’s Tenant’s Climate Jury. 

Over the summer months, six Karbon Homes residents joined a group of 30 social housing residents from across the North, to form the jury. Together they explored the question ‘How can tenants, landlords, and others work together to tackle climate change in our homes and neighbourhoods’. 

The group took part in 10 online sessions, covering everything from the science of climate change, looking at its causes and impacts, through to how homes can be updated to make them more environmentally friendly and the impact that the installation of new technologies may have on residents. 

During the final few sessions together, residents concentrated on writing up recommendations for landlords to consider. This included recommendations on the technologies they should use, as well as how landlords could raise awareness among residents of the work that is happening, and how they could manage any disruptions the work may cause. 

The final report and the group’s recommendations will be launched at the Northern Housing Consortium’s ‘Northern Housing Summit’ taking place on 2 and 4 November.

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27 September 2021

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