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Have your say on Karbon

Have your say on Karbon
From autumn 2021, we’re setting out on an exciting project to refresh the way that you can get involved with the work we do at Karbon. 

Through this refresh we will be introducing several new ways for you to connect and become involved with us. 

Here are just a few: 

Customer Scrutiny Bank - Join now! 

To ensure Karbon continues to improve its services in a positive way for our customers and neighbourhoods, we have an exciting opportunity for you to be involved and have your say. 

We’re offering you the chance for any Karbon Homes’ customer over 18 to join our new customer scrutiny bank.  

Scrutiny gives you the opportunity to ‘check and challenge’ Karbon’s services, report your findings, and suggest recommendations for improvements. 

If you want to make a difference and think scrutiny might be for you or are interested in finding out more, please contact:  

We can chat through any questions that you may have and give you some more information. 

You can also visit the Karbon Homes website to express your interest in joining the scrutiny bank at 

Karbon Residents’ Committee 

The Karbon Residents’ Committee will work closely with Karbon’s Performance Committee in receiving information relating to how well we’re performing as an organisation. 

Members of the committee will be involved in directing how customers scrutinise our services, review and support our complaints process, enhance our approach to equality and diversity and feeding back on our customer publications, such as the At Home with Karbon magazine.  

Engaging with our different customer groups 

Through a variety of new customer forums, we’re going to improve the way we engage with our different customer groups, engaging with you to understand your thoughts and views, making sure you’re happy with our services and feel you’re getting value for money.  

These groups will include:

  • Local area forums 
  • Sheltered housing group 
  • Supported Housing group
  • Young Persons forum
  • Service Charge and Leasehold forum  

Digital Services 

We’re going to explore new ways for you to get involved digitally with the work we do. 

We willl look at the different ways that you currently engage with Karbon digitally and how they can be improved and developed. 

Environmental and place specific panels 

These panels will help us to understand how we can make our communities better places to live and how we can make our homes more environmentally friendly.  

Through the customer engagement framework, you will have the opportunity to have your voice heard at a regional and sometimes national level, inputting into 

decision making on a broader scale through involvement in projects such as the National Housing Federation’s ‘Together with Tenants’ and the North East Tenant’s Voice. 

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the above activities, please drop us an e-mail at 


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29 September 2021

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