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You've nothing to lose,and everything to gain

You've nothing to lose,and everything to gain

Name: Colin Birbeck

Lives: South Pelaw

Claimed with the help of Karbon: Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Plus, awaiting news on Carers’ Allowance for Colin’s wife, Debbie

Colin spotted an article in At Home with Karbon about the chance to have a free benefits check from Karbon’s Money Matters Team and decided to give it a go. He tells us of the difference it’s made to his life.

I'm what you might call ‘form-a-phobic’! I joke that I’m allergic to filling in forms because I find them so stressful. So, when I read that the Money Matters Team will check if you’re missing out on any benefits and fill in the paperwork for you, I couldn’t believe it.

I thought, shy bairns get no sweets, I might as well give it a bash. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's so I suspected that I would be entitled to some extra support but I wouldn’t have gone for it without this help.

I spoke to a lovely lady called Dawn who filled in everything for me over the phone. She was as cool as a cucumber and together we just sailed through the questions. I got my good result back just a week later.

The extra money makes a heck of a difference to our income. It helps towards covering the high price of gas and electricity and we’re able to put a little bit away for Christmas. I’m now waiting to hear if my wife is entitled to a Carers’ Allowance and if she is it will be backdated to August. To us, that would make a huge difference.

I’m now telling everyone about the brilliant service and urging them to give it a go. Why not? You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. I read recently that there are £15 billion of unclaimed benefits in the UK, that’s money put aside to help us. It’s rightfully ours and Karbon makes it easy to claim it so give them a call – it’s a no-brainer!

How to get your free benefits check from the Money Matters Team

  • Call on 0808 164 0111
  • Email at
  • Visit
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6 April 2022

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