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Reflecting on the successes of a challenging year

Reflecting on the successes of a challenging year

Karbon’s Annual Review–2021/2022

Despite the difficult external environment around us, we’ve maintained a positive performance through the 2021/22, and it's with great pride that we present our Annual Review for the financial year ending 31 March 2022.

We refreshed our Stronger Foundations Strategy for 2021/2026, outlining Karbon’s direction and priorities over the next five years. This paints a clear picture of what the future of Karbon will look like and also helps colleagues to understand the role they play in getting there.

Our commitment to upholding the highest possible standards in our approach to internal and external customer experience was formally recognised and we were awarded the Institute of Customer Service ‘ServiceMark’ accreditation for our achievements.

We continued to grow the number of new homes that we own and manage, working towards a highly ambitious aim of build 4,000 new homes across the North East and Yorkshire by 2028. This was boosted by achieving Strategic Partnership status with Homes England last November, which secured us £131.5m to support the delivery of 2,200 mixed tenure homes.

We also invest heavily in our existing homes, with over £11m invested in keeping residents as safe and secure in their homes as they can be and a long-term programme of planned maintenance under way which will see us bring all our homes up to a minimum Energy Performance Certificate of C by 2030.

We’ve done lots of work around shaping our communities and ensuring they’re places where our customers can thrive. Through a placeshaping project in Stanley, North Durham, we worked closely with customers, stakeholders and community organisations to understand what we can do to develop opportunities for the economy of the town to grow and to help Stanley residents live more prosperous lives. We’ll use the learning from this project to help us make similar deeper place-based interventions in other areas where we have a large concentration of homes in the future.

Last year was incredibly challenging for many of our customers and as the cost of living continues to rise, developing the support we provide customers to help them save money is a big priority for us

Our Money Matters Team worked with over 4,500 customers to maximise their income through money, debt and benefits advice and generated over £4.5million of income gains. And through a cost of living working project group we’re looking at what other ways we can help customers through this challenging time.

We look ahead to the coming financial year with confidence and feel prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Our committed teams, determined to always do their best in every situation, stands us in good stead for the future and by keeping our customer voice at the heart of everything we do, guiding our decision making, we remain confident that all our actions are for the benefit of them.

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1 August 2022

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