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Supported housing partnerships help keep vulnerable residents on track

Supported housing partnerships help keep vulnerable residents on track

Joe started working with our Support Housing team in March 2021. He’d been sleeping rough in a bin shed, with only his dog for a companion.

As a result of the physical and emotional trauma he had endured, paired with a history of drug use and run-ins with the law, Joe’s mental health was at an all-time low.

His severe anxiety made tackling everyday challenges and engaging with people difficult, and he’d ended up in hospital numerous times when life had got too much to cope with.

To help Joe overcome his difficulties and provide some stability in his life, he came to us for help to develop the skills he needed to live independently. His support worker helped him settle in supported accommodation and ensured he received his benefit entitlements. The achievements he’s made in the last six months since then have been remarkable.

Joe told us: “I don’t know what I would have done without the support of Karbon over the last six months. Having a roof over my head, and someone to help me to deal with life’s challenges, has reduced my anxiety and I look forward to a brighter future ahead.”

We're set to continue supporting residents like Josh across North Tyneside throughout 2022, thanks to our involvement in two supported housing partnerships in the borough.

The recent recommissioning of the two North Tyneside Council contracts will see the Karbon Supported Housing Team work alongside other supported housing providers in the region to provide supported accommodation, floating support and crisis responses.

The team will work with lead partner Depaul UK to deliver support to under 25s, and lead partner Home Group to deliver support to over 25s, to help reduce homelessness and social exclusion by helping residents to build self-confidence, raise their self-esteem and gain access to personal development, training, education and employment.

Jon McDonald, Head of Supported Housing at Karbon Homes, said: “It’s fantastic to see what Joe has achieved since he started working with the team. His dedication to turning his life around has been inspiring.

“We’re proud to be continuing our work with the Depaul UK and Home Group over the next year, helping more people like Joe make change for the better and live secure, independent, happy lives.”

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10 January 2022

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