As three organisations coming together, our equality, diversity and inclusion statement sets out our aim and vision for the future of Karbon Homes, ensuring compliance with relevant legislation and promoting good practice.

Equality is about ensuring that no one should have poorer life chances because of where they are from, what they believe, who they are or how they identify themselves, or if they have a disability. Equality is not about treating everyone the same, it is recognising that people have different needs that are met in different ways.

Diversity is about valuing and celebrating the differences of individuals and communities. We aim to embrace people’s different perspectives, ideas, histories, opinions, knowledge and culture to strengthen communities. By recognising the benefit of a diverse workforce where difference is welcomed, people can use their unique talents to provide services that meet the needs of the local population.

Inclusion is about offering opportunities to everyone and removing barriers that may inhibit participation. This may include taking positive action to encourage minority groups to participate in planning and making decisions.

We aim to treat everyone fairly and to eliminate discrimination based on a person’s race, colour, ethnic or national origins, religion or faith, gender, sexual orientation, transgender status, disability, HIV status, age, marital or civil partnership status, maternity or pregnancy as recognised by the Equality Act 2010, or any other unjustifiable criteria such as caring responsibilities, trade union / political activities, language and literacy ability, employment status/income, offending history, academic attainment, appearance or demeanour.

Our vision for EDI is one where everyone, whether staff or a member of the communities in which we work, is treated fairly and has the right to the same opportunities, freedom, respect, and equal access to services.