Strong Foundations Strategy

The Strong Foundations Karbon Homes' Strategy 2018 - 2023 sets out an exciting blueprint for the future.

By delivering on our three strategic aims we will build even stronger foundations for more people.

You can read the strategy here: 

Homes, customers and places

To explain how our strategy will deliver results for the communities we serve, we have created three short videos based on the key themes of the strategy – homes, customers and places.

You can watch those videos here:


Providing as many good quality homes as we can

We will progressively increase the number of homes we build with our partners each year from around 350 new homes per year, to meet the needs of 500 new households each year by 2019/20.

Deliver excellent service to our customers

We will place customers and future customers at the heart of everything we do so that we are able to deliver an excellent and then outstanding experience for our customers.

Shaping strong, sustainable places

We will shape the places where we build or manage homes and support the communities that live in them.