Karbon responds to PM’s pledge of £2bn for new homes

Wednesday, 19th September 2018

Karbon's chief executive, Paul Fiddaman, responds to the Prime Minister's pledge at the National Housing Summit.

The chief executive of Karbon Homes, one of the largest housing associations in the North East and Yorkshire and one of the top 50 largest developing housing associations nationwide, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of new £2bn funding, and long-term commitment from government, for the development of affordable homes.

Paul Fiddaman, group chief executive of Karbon, which owns and manages close to 30,000 homes in the region, said: “It is very encouraging to hear the Prime Minister commit the government to long-term funding for much needed new homes.

“I think there are two interesting things for me today. One is she set out very clearly the way in which Government has responded to the housing sector’s requests for assistance from government, and I think that was quite powerfully argued by the Prime Minster.

“But also, she’s laid down a significant challenge for housing associations to step up now that the conditions are right for them to get involved and take a more active part in leading the recovery and producing more homes, delivering better services to tenants, and eliminating the stigma that sometimes goes with social housing.

“At Karbon we are already committed to playing our part in delivering the homes our region needs – we are rapidly stepping up our ambitious development programme from 320 to 500 homes per year.

“With the Government providing greater certainty for the decade ahead, we look forward to delivering the scale and quality of development we know our communities need.”