Find out more about our... Communications and Marketing Apprenticeship

Wednesday, 31st July 2019

Find out more about our Communications and Marketing Apprentice position

With just a few days left to submit your application for our Communications and Marketing apprentice position, we’ve got the low down from team on what a role in Communications looks like and where the qualification could take you.

"When I tell people that I work within Communications, a lot of the time the response I get is ‘so what’s that then?’

"When in reality we do what it says on the tin, we communicate.

"Any messages you receive from Karbon, whether it is something you receive through your letterbox, such as the new At Home with Karbon magazine, a leaflet, poster or booklet promoting a Karbon service, a post on social media, an article on Karbon’s website, an email in your inbox, or something in the local newspaper, they’ve all come from Karbon’s Communications Team.

"We’re also the keepers of Karbon’s branding and the protectors of Karbon’s reputation, helping Karbon Homes to grow as a well-respected, trustworthy organisation.

"I love my job working within the Communications Team. No two days are ever the same, and when you’ve worked on a campaign which has achieved a really good result for the organisation, it’s incredibly rewarding.

"What I like about working for a not-for-profit is that all the communications are very genuine. As a team we’re constantly working to improve the lives of our residents, not just to make the company look good, which is sometimes the case when you work for the private sector.

"Within the team we all have our own specialist areas. We have a digital manager, who looks after how we communicate with our residents online. We have a stakeholder engagement and public affairs manager, who works at building relationships and our reputation with external audiences, such as MP’s and Councillors, the media etc, and an internal communications manager, who makes sure that all 800 of our colleagues are communicated to and kept up to speed with what’s going on.

"As an apprentice within the team you will have the chance to spend time working with all the managers, and gaining experience in all areas of communications. It will also help you decide which areas you enjoy the most which is a vital step in creating a career that you love.

"As a team, there’s never a dull day. We all get on really well, and there’s plenty of banter (and snacks) in the office. There’s a real mixed bag of experience too so if you ever need support, there’s always someone more than happy to lend a hand.

"The beauty of the content producer qualification that you’ll be studying alongside your role within the team is that it will open up so many career opportunities for you.

"Whether you want to stay within the not-for-profit or public sector, working for an organisation such as Karbon, or your local council or the NHS, or you’d rather work for a private sector business, they all need communications. The qualification will set you up perfectly for roles in Public Relations, Marketing, Content Creation, or Media Relations. The world is your oyster."

Alice Midgley, Communications and Marketing Executive


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