Love Summer, love your neighbourhood

Wednesday, 31st July 2019

Love Summer, love your neighbourhood

Summer's here and everyone wants - and deserves - to be able to enjoy the sunshine and light nights

Laurie Edmundson, our Sustaining Tenancies Team Leader, shares with us some advice to help keep our neighbourhoods peaceful as we all head outdoors, as well as some tips in case you need help handling more difficult situations.



Like us dogs love the sunshine and welcome a chance to stretch out in the fresh air. Just remember to keep pets on their lead when you're in public and communal spaces, don't let them roam around the streets and don't leave them distressed or barking. Be sure to clean up after your dog when your take them out and don't leave any mess in your garden or on paths.

Gardens and rubbish

If your outside space needs some attention, now's a great time. As a customer, you are responsible for keeping your garden or yard tidy, safe and free from rubbish. By giving gardens and yards a spring clean, you'll also create a great space to enjoy with friends and family.

Children playing

We know children playing close to our homes can be lively and noisy - sometimes even disruptive. We ask that children, their parents and other adults all find ways to compromise so everyone can enjoy their homes and neighbourhoods. At Karbon we encourage adults to be mindful that we have the right to play as well as a need for physical exercise. It's important to remember that children playing football, or other sports and games, in not anti-social behaviour, nor is it illegal.

If you're a customer disturbed by the noise of children playing, try taking these steps:

  • Explain the problem to the child or children
  • Suggest a positive alternative
  • Don't argue or be confrontational
  • Don't invite children into your home


What to do when your are experiencing anti-social behaviour

If you come across a situation you feel uncomfortable dealing with yourself, or if a recurring problem simply isn't getting better, help is at hand. You can report incidents of anti-social behaviour to Karbon Homes any time, day or night.

Useful contacts

Call Karbon Homes anytime on 0808 164 0111 to report the incidents you are experiencing, and we will talk through how we can help you and what support is available.

In an emergency, always call the police on 999, for non-emergencies can the police on 101.


Did you know??

We have two services to help gather evidence quickly and tackle anti-social behaviour, in response to feedback from customers. 


iWitness is an out of hours service to provide support when you need it.

Our specially trained, independent and accredited team will come out to support you with incidents of ASB that are happening at the time of your call. iWitness officers can observe the incident and produce a report for the next working day which is essential for speeding up investigations and supporting legal action when necessary.

Just call the usual Karbon Homes number to report your incident and if it is happening at the time of the call you will be offered the use of the service.

The Noise App

The Noise App is a free, quick and easy way to use your smartphone to create an accurate recording of noise that is causing a nuisance and affecting you. Once you've recorded your evidence, you can send it directly to Karbon Homes to review and investigate.

The recordings are uploaded directly onto a secure site that our officers access and can use to review the noise disturbance, provide feedback, and decide on the necessary action. 

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