Making a payment in our customer portal just got easier

Monday, 22nd July 2019

We’ve been making some changes to the way your payments are processed – with the aim of saving you time when in our customer portal.

Following customer feedback about the old process, we have been working in partnership with Capita Pay360. They have helped us to make the steps when making a payment simpler for you.

Here’s some frequently asked questions for you to read about the changes:

What's changed?

You now won’t need to leave the portal to visit allpay’s website when making a payment. You can do it all via the payment form we have created that sits in the portal ‘Pay my rent’ page from Monday July 22 2019. 

What will the new form look like? 

The first part of the form will look like the image below. Your information will be populated, and you will just need to add in the amount you would like to pay.

The second part of the form will look like this: 

Once your card details are inputted, the system will take the payment and apply the funds to your account for you. 

Can I still use allpay to make a payment? 

Yes. All other payment methods will still be active for the time being, but we are just launching this new method via our customer portal in the first instance.

I have a question about this change, what shall I do?

Please contact us here

I don’t have a Karbon customer portal account – how do I get one? 

It’s easy. Just click here to register. 

You will need:  

  • your tenancy number 
  • your date of birth
  • a valid email address