Privacy Statement

Who we are

Karbon Homes Limited is a registered provider of social housing and a developer of property for market sale and lease. Karbon Homes is listed with the Office of the Information Commissioner as a Data Controller, Ref. No. ZA246000[1] Here at Karbon Homes we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to administer all aspects of your account and to provide other services that you have requested from us.


How will we use the information about you?

We collect information about you in order to manage your account (tenancy, including repairs; lease; house purchase) and, if you agree, provide details of other services we offer or events that we organise in your area. If we are helping you manage benefit claims we will collect additional information, in discussion with you. We also collect information about other family members in your household to support managing your account.


We gather information from our customers to help us to:

The information we collect when you visit our website is used to personalise your repeat visits.

We collect certain personal information in order to carry out diversity monitoring; this is only used anonymously.

We will collect health-related information in order to provide you with particular support services or to co-ordinate support to you with other agencies, for example, occupational therapists. This will only be done with your consent.


We may use information we hold about you:

We may use your information, for example e-mail, mobile or telephone contact details to contact you for operational purposes. Examples are to confirm or ask about a visit or a repair, a request to contact Karbon Homes or a gas inspection.


What we do with your information

We will keep your information secure at all times within our computer systems, in paper-based filing schemes, or when out on visits. Only those staff members who need to use your information will have access to it and then only the minimum needed to carry out their work. When we are able to delete it we will do so, and securely. We only keep your information as long as it is needed for the purpose for which we collected it. Sometimes we are required to keep it under other law. 

If you leave your Karbon Homes property, we will retain some of your information under the required rules about record-keeping (also known as ‘Document Retention’). We will destroy any information that we no longer need to use in relation to you and which are not required to be kept under other law. Our standard retention period is 6 years, although for social housing tenants we will retain enough information to prove your length of tenancy status, should it be required.


Who we will share your information with

We may work with other agencies (third-parties) to deliver services to you, for example, properly appointed contractors. Sometimes it will be other agencies providing support to you; this is usually with your knowledge and consent. We put in place special agreements between us and any third-party to describe how each of us will look after your information to deliver the service, and to ensure your information is not used for any other purpose. 

Sometimes, we will share your information without your consent under other law, for example, to ensure the proper payment of utility bills. In an emergency situation we might share relevant information about you with the emergency services in order to protect you.

Sometimes, we provide your information because of a legal duty upon us to do so. This includes sharing information to detect and investigate crime, and in order to protect vulnerable adults and children (known as ‘safeguarding’). 

We do not give your information to any third-parties for marketing purposes without your written consent. We will have information about our own services or events that may be of interest to you that we would wish to share with you, for this purpose you will be invited to opt in to receive this information from Karbon Homes and let us know how you want to be contacted.


Your rights

Under the Data Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”) you have the right to access the personal information that we hold about you, to know what we hold, what format it is in, and to have a copy of it if you wish. This is called a Subject Access Request. This is a more formal process than, for example, simply requesting a second copy of your rent statement. Our staff will explain when your enquiry falls under the Subject Access Request process.

You can download a Subject Access Request form from the Key Documents section at the bottom of this page.



This Privacy Notice is kept under review and Karbon Homes reserves the right to amend or up-date it at any time.  This Notice was prepared for Karbon Homes in May 2017.

[1] You can look us up on the Register here: