VFM self-assessment at Karbon Homes

Karbon Homes was formed on the 3rd April 2017 following the amalgamation of Isos Housing, Cestria Community Housing Association and Derwentside Homes. You will find links to the three legacy organisations’ VFM self-assessments below or you can access them directly from the individual websites for Isos Housing, Cestria Community Housing and Derwentside Homes.   

At Karbon Homes, our aim is to ensure that everything we do is as effective and efficient as possible so that any capacity within our resources can be reinvested into our communities, either in terms of new homes or improved services. Continued growth, sensible asset management, sustainable procurement, the use of benchmarking, undertaking lean service reviews, a rounded review of current performance and stretching targets for the future remain key, but we also plan to release the untapped capacity within our business plan to provide added value.

Our success in delivering VFM is judged by the quality of our services, the resources used, whether the service is fit for purpose and ultimately, the satisfaction of our customers. It is also about how each individual staff member understands they have a part to play in achieving VFM and ensuring our goals and priorities are achieved in the most efficient, effective and economical way possible.

We recognise that if we want to deliver our strategic aims we have to find the additional financial capacity through a combination of managed cost savings and income generation.

Adhering to the above principles is now more critical than ever given reductions in rental income.  We will continue to seek efficiency savings through business growth via partnerships or amalgamations with other like-minded housing associations.

We believe that these robust self-assessments demonstrate how we are providing a VFM service to all our stakeholders, but we recognise there are still challenges that lie ahead.

At Karbon we know we can do more through our future plans, so we will be well placed to deliver on our strategic aims.

Over the next year, Karbon Homes will: