Certain behaviours are unacceptable in our homes and neighbourhoods.

Our dedicated anti-social behaviour team work in conjunction with housing officers and the police to prevent and stop anti-social behaviour in our communities.

Nuisance and anti-social behaviour (ASB) is any behaviour, which causes, or is likely to cause fear, alarm and distress.

Most neighbours live happily and show tolerance to others; however, disputes do occasionally arise because of various reasons. If you are experiencing ASB or harassment; report it. If you don’t, then Karbon Homes can’t do anything to resolve the problem.

How to report anti-social behaviour

  • In person to a housing officer 
  • By calling us and asking to speak to the safer neighbourhoods team
  • Via a tenants/residents’ association, community group or community representative
  • Via your Local Authority Community Safety Team or Local Authority Anti-Social Behaviour Coordinator.

iWitness - Making our neighbourhoods safer

Determined to tackle anti-social behaviour, so that people can live peacefully in their homes, without intrusive behaviour or noise nuisance, Karbon Homes offers a service called iWitness.

A specially trained, independent and accredited team will be available out of hours to respond to calls of disturbances and provide accurate and credible witness statements. iWitness officers will be deployed for reports and incidents of antisocial behaviour that are happening or ongoing at the time of your call.

Contact us by calling 0808 164 0111.

  • In an emergency, always call the police on 999
  • Less serious incidents should be reported to the police on the 101 number.

Domestic abuse

Karbon Homes will not tolerate domestic abuse. No one should live in fear of violence from a spouse or partner, former spouse or partner, or other member of their household. We will help and support any person suffering from or threatened with domestic abuse.

Priority is given to the safety of the person suffering from domestic abuse. We will provide victims with a quick and sensitive response and deal quickly and effectively with perpetrators. As a landlord, where victims are our tenants and move because of violence from their partners, Karbon Homes may apply to the courts to evict those partners from the property.

Visit our domestic abuse page for more information.

Key documents

iWitness - Making our neighbourhoods safer

Karbon's Anti social behaviour policy

ASB Statement of Policy and Procedures