We're here to help

We want to help our communities during the Coronavirus crisis and we recognise that many of our customers are struggling 

We've created a fund for initiatives supporting:

  • socially isolated or elderly people without support networks 
  • those unable to afford essentials 
  • those unable to access the internet 

If you’re involved in a community group, no matter how small, apply for a financial grant or ask for help from us in the form of volunteers.

Simply fill in the form below and if you meet the qualifying criteria* we’ll help as soon as we can.

 *a constituted, not for profit organisation with a history of delivering similar initiatives. 


Karbon is looking to support organisations that are supporting residents through the COVID-19 crisis. We currently have two types of grant available.

  • Small grants up to £1000 to support grass roots organisations to deliver local initiatives
  • Large grants over £1000 to deliver strategic responses to the crisis