We see it as our responsibility to build more than just the homes people live in. We want to build and support communities which can build successful lives.

Our approach

Our Community Investment Strategy will enable Karbon Homes to build successful and sustainable communities. The strategy will give priority to areas of activity that support customers to develop the life they want, while strengthening the organisation for the future.

We already have a number of services and projects working in local communities and will continue to build more resilient communities by:

  • Supporting people to manage their finances and debts; training people to use technology and promoting access to digital services
  • Supporting people to be move involved in decision making in their local communities
  • Promoting volunteering programmes
  • Working to reduce social isolation
  • Promoting training and employment initiatives
  • Acting as a signpost for people with entrepreneurial ambitions
  • Encouraging people to be active and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Can I apply for funding?

If you are part of an organisation or community group interested in working with us to support our customers, you can fill out an Expression of Interest form below.

We just want you to provide a basic overview of what you are proposing and how much funding you are looking to receive from Karbon Homes. This form should be returned using one of our contact methods and will be allocated to a member of the Community Investment team who will work with you to identify whether your idea is appropriate to apply for funding from Karbon.

For more information, download the guidance notes below.

Karbon funding - Expression of interest form

Expression of interest form

Karbon funding - Grants guidance notes

Guidance notes explaining how to apply for funding

A beginner's guide to securing grant funding

A handy guide to support you with your grant funding application.