Let's talk about your lease and repairs

As a leaseholder there are some repairs that you are responsible for, and some that are the responsibility of Karbon Homes. We've listed some questions we're frequently asked about repairs... and we also tell you a bit about Safe & Sound, our heating maintenance scheme for leaseholders.

Leaseholder repairs FAQ's

We don’t need to know about small things such as decorating, but before making any additions or structural improvements you need to let us know so we can send you written permission – you need this to comply with the terms of your lease.

Primarily we need to know that what you are planning won’t affect the safety of you or other residents nearby. When you come to sell your property, any major changes that have not been approved by Karbon Homes can cause delays in the sales process.

Contact our home ownership team on 0191 223 8749 or email karbon.homes.homebuy@karbonhomes.co.uk to tell us if you’re planning improvements to your property.

If you need to make changes or improvements to your home to help you to live independently, we have a specialist team that can help. Visit our aids and adaptations page to find out more.

Your lease determines who is responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of your property. For properties with communal areas or shared facilities it is normally our responsibility to carry out any repairs to the exterior of the building. For properties such as stand-alone houses and bungalows the responsibility is usually with the owner.

Under the Safe & Sound scheme Karbon leaseholders can benefit from a competitively priced gas and heating maintenance and repair service provided by our team of fully qualified engineers.