Every home needs a touch up once in a while to keep it an enjoyable and safe place to be. Here’s a quick guide to the main things we get asked about looking after your home.

Residents are responsible for insuring their personal belongings, furniture and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or burst pipes. To make it easier for our residents to get home contents insurance, we have negotiated a home contents insurance* scheme designed specifically for our residents.

Karbon has its own insurance on all of our properties, but this does not cover the contents inside.

Visit our contents insurance page to learn more.

*Please note there are other insurance providers that can be approached for home contents insurance cover.

Before you undertake any improvements or alterations to your home you must write to us asking for permission. You must not start any alterations until you have received a letter from us saying you can go ahead. We will normally allow most alterations and we may be able to help by providing you with some guidance on how to do it.

Karbon carries out a regular repair schedule to all homes, updating the likes of kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors and boilers. If your home is included in the planned maintenance programme, you will be notified early in the process that a surveyor will call at your home to assess what work will be required. Visit our planned maintenance page to learn more.

Condensation happens when warm air meets a cold surface – like when a bathroom mirror steams up if you have a shower. We get lots of calls about damp and condensation, particularly in the winter months, but there are simple things you can do to reduce it yourself. Visit our condensation and mould page to learn more.

You may take in lodgers as long as you do not grant a sub-tenancy or exceed the number of people allowed to live in your home.

As long as you first get our written consent, you may sub-let part of your home. We may give consent subject due to reasonable conditions. You must not grant a sub-tenancy of the whole of your home.

Your local council is responsible for emptying all the household waste bins. They will provide you with a suitable container and collect your rubbish on a designated day.

If you've got furniture or goods you don't want - don't throw them away! Contact us so we can point you in the direction of a local scheme that can take your unwanted items and find new homes for them.

Orange Box North East is a community interest company which recycles and sells good quality furniture, at affordable prices, to people on low incomes. Orange box staff will collect any single items you have for free. To arrange a collection, simply call 0191 224 2116.

The Furniture Reuse Network also helps those in need access furniture, white goods and other household items at affordable prices. They collect a wide range of household goods to pass on to people in need.

If your unwanted items cannot be recycled, you can find details of waste disposal sites or bulky item collection services on your local authority website.