Our benefits and money advisors are always available to help you manage your finances – and try to maximise your income.

We have one of the largest advice teams in the North East, with no less than 20 advisers spread across three different offices.

We try our best to give you accurate, concise information on our website and magazines, but there is no substitute for speaking to someone yourself, to properly understand your finances, and what you can do to improve them.

All our staff are available for you to speak to, Monday to Friday, and they’re all experienced in listening, not judging, and giving sensible advice to make your life easier.

Get in touch with the team directly by email by filling in the form below or emailing us at moneymatters@karbonhomes.co.uk. You can also call us on 0808 164 0111.

*Please note, this service is just for Karbon customers only. 

We will help you to understand your rights and responsibilities and those of your creditors. Our debt advice service is free, confidential and impartial.

The records we keep are for the use of Karbon Homes only. We will not tell anyone else about your enquiry, and we will not pass on any information externally without your explicit permission. Certain aspects of your case may be shared with income officers as part of the service to help you sustain your tenancy if you have rent arrears.

What information we share, and when, will be fully explained to you.

We can carry out casework for you, but cannot represent you in court. The debt advice we give includes personal debts. We cannot advise on business debts. If, following our initial interview, or if at any point in your case it becomes clear that we cannot meet your needs, we will help you find an alternative service. This might happen if you require support, or if you require the help of a debt relief order (DRO) intermediary.

  • Help you to explore your debt problem
  • Look for ways to increase your income and reduce your outgoings
  • Explain the debt options you have and how they affect you
  • Keep you informed about any action we take and the progress of your enquiry

Attend all appointments we arrange for you (and let us know if you can't attend or you're not going to be in).

Let us know about any relevant changes in your circumstance, for instance, if you start work, have a child or your income increases or decreases.

Provide all of the information and evidence we request. If you withhold information or provide incomplete information, it may mean the advice we give you is wrong.

Do not negotiate directly with creditors before discussing it with your adviser.

Do not borrow more money or enter into a new credit agreement.

Wherever possible we will give you the information and resources you need to resolve your own debt problem. If the problem is complex, or if your personal situation means that this is not possible, we will provide a casework service.

Karbon Homes may help you to access a debt solution, or we can refer you to a trusted free and confidential service that can administer a payment arrangement or insolvency solution for you. Any service we refer you to will be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and will have the highest standards of service and advice.

Creditors may continue to add interest or charges to your debt.

Your credit rating may be affected if you enter into a payment arrangement or insolvency solution.

Our debt advice service is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) FRN 775843. If you are not happy with the service we provide, please tell us and we will register your complaint. Call us on 0808 164 0111.

If you are not happy with our final response you can take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Further information can be found on our complaints procedure page.

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