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About us


Delivering high quality products, systems and service

We believe in delivering high quality products, systems, and service to our customers

To make sure we deliver exceptional value for money, we use a procurement process to secure the best possible outcome for our customers.

As a registered provider of social housing we work in line with Public Procurement Regulations which requires us to advertise and award tenders. Our procurement activities follow a clear process which allows all interested parties a fair chance to work with us.

Our Group e-Tendering portal MultiQuote, gives potential and existing suppliers an easy way to respond to our tenders. Suppliers can register on the portal at any time and tenders are posted on the portal and any registered suppliers will be notified of opportunities relevant to them. 

We welcome interest from any size supply organisation who share our approach in the way they work.

For transparency, details of contracts awarded over £25,000 will be published on Contracts Finder. Where the estimated value of the contract is expected to be greater than the financial thresholds of the Public Contract Regulations (usually around £118,000) it will be advertised on Find a Tender Service (FTS). FTS is available online and free of charge.

Being transparent about our suppliers

Meeting our environmental and social responsibilities is very important to us and we expect all suppliers to follow our Contractor Code of Conduct

We spend over £170 million each year covering a range of goods and services such as:

  • food and care services for supported living
  • repairs and maintenance
  • construction materials
  • utilities
  • office supplies,
  • waste management
  • professional services and transport
  • ICT equipment

We also have a large capital investment programme covering building schemes, as we aim to build over 500 new homes each year.

Our Top 50 suppliers April 2019 to March 2023

Our process

Our process complies with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and ensures that potential suppliers who register with us will receive the most up-to-date information about the tenders we are running.


Spend Analysis

We review historic data to ensure we are spending in line with organisational plans.


Requirements Capture

Operational stakeholders are engaged to identify current and future procurement needs.


Tender Advertisements

We advertise opportunities broadly to reach as many suppliers as possible. We publish our latest tender opportunities on: 

Our e-Tendering portal - MultiQuote

Find a Tender Service (FTS) website

Contracts finder

Suppliers can register on our e-Tendering portal - MultiQuote at any time.


Supplier Selection Process

We engage suppliers differently based on service/product complexity. This includes two-stage or single-stage tenders. The procurement process will be determined and communicated on a case-by-case basis when the requirement is published.


Tenders Evaluation

Tender submissions are evaluated to determine which supplier(s) offer the best value for money for our goods or services.



Once a decision has been made, contracts will be finalised with the successful supplier/suppliers.

The Procurement Forward Plan

An explanation of what the forward plan is and why we’re publishing it can be found in the useful procurement information at the bottom of this page. 

What is the Procurement Forward Plan?

Title Contract Type Contract Value Status
Development - South Seaham Garden Village Works   Out to Tender - Find a Tender ref: 49e60140-6c07-4e60-bd40-b8e53536fec0
Development - Hebburn Extra Care Development scheme Works   Out to Tender - Find a Tender ref: 4ecb3c5a-62c8-4e89-baee-3905211a0872
Enabling and Completion works including Principal Contractor and Resident Liaison Duties Works   Out to Tender - Find a Tender ref: 9b09c468-4948-4bb7-9e1b-a3d593172c88
Out of Hours Customer Contact Service Service  £43,000 Out to Tender - Find a Tender Link
Scaffolding  Works £450,000 Out to Tender - Find a Tender Link
Servicing and maintenance of residential stairlifts and through floor lifts   Service £120,000 Underway
Internet Payment Service £60,000 Underway
Security Operations Centre Service £360,000 Out to Tender - Find a Tender Link
Fire Alarm Maintenance  Service £342,777 Out to Tender - Find a Tender Link
Sprinkler Installation Service £1,300,000 Out to Tender - Find a Tender Link
Residential & Office Cleaning Service £2,500,000 Out to Tender - Find a Tender Link
Professional Service - Employers Agents / QS Service £320,000 Underway
Electrical Testing Works £205,000 Underway
Catering Service Service £740,000 Underway
Document Storage and Scanning Service TBC Underway
Inventory Management System Service TBC Underway
Roofing Works TBC Underway
Customer Service Tender - plastering, plumbing, gas repairs, damp repairs  Service £3,300,000  
Building Fire Compartmentation Surveys Services Service £1,200,000  
Asbestos Surveying Services   Service £33,000  
Dell Office Switch Support Service £7,916  
Employee Wellbeing Application Service £24,705  
Internet Payment Service £60,000  Underway
Management System & Microsoft Dynamics License Service £250,000  
Occupational Health Service £20,000  Underway
Architectural Service - Framework Service TBC   
Clerk of Works - Framework Service TBC   Underway
Construction / Construction with Design - Framework Service TBC   
Employers Agents / QS - Framework Service TBC   Underway
M&E Service - Framework  Service TBC   
Modern Methods of Construction- Framework  Service TBC   
HR & Payroll System Service £60,884  Underway
Internal Comms Distribution Licence Service £4,615  Underway
Mobile Phones  Supply & Service £28,000  Underway
Plumbing and Heating  Supply & Service £50,000  Underway
Telecommunications Servicing and Repair Service £21,000  Underway
Print and Fulfilment Services Service £150,000  Underway
Electricity - HH Service £350,000  
Materials Supply - Electrical Supply £865,799  Underway
Materials Supply - Building Materials & Gas Supply £5,560,512  Underway
Mobile Voice and Data Service £343,860  
Fuel Cards Service £1,600,000  Underway
Corporate Transport Service £5,000  
Gas Supply Service £231,577  
Hybrid Mail Services Service £150,000  
Microsoft Licences Service £397,261  
Kitchen Supply Supply £1,000,000  

Gifts and Hospitality

We have a clear policy that sets out our approach to offers of gifts and hospitality that may be made by existing or potential suppliers. Hospitality may also occasionally be offered by Karbon to suppliers.

We recognise that occasional offers of hospitality can be a normal part of our working relationships. However, we expect our suppliers and Karbon’s colleagues to meet high standards of transparency, integrity and probity in relation to offers of gifts and hospitality. We will act to investigate any allegation of wrongdoing.

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