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Benefits check

Have things changed?

We can help you to navigate the money maze

Have you recently changed where you live, who you live with or your working arrangements? Has your health changed or have you had other major changes in circumstances?

If so, then we can help you to check you’re not missing out on any potential income. 

In the last financial year, our skilled benefits and money advisers generated a record-breaking £6.5 million for Karbon customers.  

Our Money Matters Team is here to help you navigate the money maze to maximise your income. 


1. Get in touch with the team for a quick and free benefits check.

2. Find out within five minutes if you’re entitled to anything new. Just answer a few questions on the phone.

3. If you are eligible to make a new claim, get advice on exactly how to apply, including help to get any necessary forms and support to complete them.

4. Get help to gather any evidence to support your claim.

5. IF YOUR CLAIM IS SUCCESSFUL. Hooray! There’s more money in your account. You could also be entitled to other benefits.

6. IF YOUR CLAIM IS UNSUCCESSFUL. We’ll help you challenge the decision.

Appealing a benefits decision

If you want to challenge a decision about a benefit claim from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) we can help you investigate it further and if applicable help you with you appeal. We’re experts in benefits so speak to us for impartial advice about your claim.

Not sure how to apply for a benefit?

Sometimes the benefit applications process can seem a little confusing, but we’re experts in this and we can talk you step by step through your application, to make sure you haven't missed anything out. Whether it’s over the phone, email or in-person we are here to help. If you’re applying for Universal credit check out our Universal Credit advice page for our FAQs.

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