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Rent a home

Looking to rent a home with Karbon?

Watch our video to find out everything you need to know...

* Sunderland doesn’t operate in a Choice Based Lettings scheme but there is more information on the Council’s website which can help you

We have a number of properties that are available to rent immediately.

Visit our page on Zoopla and register your interest.

We have a number of properties that are available to rent immediately.

Visit our page on Moving Soon and register your interest.

I’ve registered with CBL, what happens next?

Once you’ve found a property you want to live, you need to put in a ‘bid’. A ‘bid’ just means you choose which house you would like to move into and what your needs are – you don’t have to pay any money. Properties are advertised over a number of days in a ‘bidding cycle.’

At the end of the bidding cycle a shortlist of bidders for each property is produced and we will work our way through this shortlist.

We will then offer the property to the person at the top of the eligibility list. If the first person on the list doesn’t take the property, the next person will be offered it and so on until the property is allocated.

Please note, we don’t currently provide emergency accommodation for homeless people – if you are homeless, you need to contact your local council’s housing solutions team. Other organisations such as Citizens Advice or Shelter provide free independent advice on all housing problems

Complete an affordability assessment today

All new and prospective tenants of Karbon Homes are asked to complete our affordability calculator.

You will need to know exact details of your income, such as your current benefit or tax credit payments, or your monthly/ annual income before and after tax. You can find this information on a DWP/ HMRC benefit letter or your P60 or pay slip.