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Other Support Needs

We think that everyone deserves the opportunity to make the most of their lives whatever their needs

Our supported housing projects team are on hand to help make life that bit easier

They work with a range of support providers to help people make the most out of life and tackle the challenges they face.

The dedicated team will be on hand to help throughout your time living in a Karbon house, meaning you won’t have to explain your circumstances over and over again – we know that can be tiresome!

We work closely with our support providers to help with every aspect of renting your home, from paying the bills to getting out and making friends. We can even help you to apply for a home through Karbon.

Needs we support

We can try and help whatever your support needs are because we work with so many different support providers, each with their own area of expertise. This includes (but isn’t limited to) support for:

  • People with a learning disability
  • Vulnerable young people
  • People recovering from drug and/or alcohol misuse
  • People fleeing domestic abuse
  • People with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy or brain injury
  • People with mental health problems
  • People at risk of offending / re-offending

If you need support to live independently in your home, or know someone who does, call or email our supported housing projects team by visiting our contact us page. Whatever difficulties you’re facing we’re on hand and happy to help!

Case study

Jamie's story

Jamie lives in one of our two bedroom flats in North Shields – this is her story.

Jamie was taken into care at the age of 11 as she had started to associate with a bad crowd and was taking drugs. By the age of 16 she was pregnant, and was a single mother at 17. She was given a flat following the birth of her daughter but she was not ready to take up a tenancy, and with no support the tenancy failed.

Unfortunately, she continued making bad decisions and found herself serving a four year prison sentence for a major crime and so lost custody of her daughter. This was a big wake up call for Jamie and she mended her ways.

She was a model prisoner and was released on licence after serving two years, then her fight began to win back custody of her daughter.

She was put in touch with Depaul UK, one of the support providers we work with, and they agreed to support her. The first priority was to secure adequate accommodation for her and her daughter, so Karbon was approached and following an interview with Jamie she was allocated a two bed flat in North Tyneside.

She took the flat and started to build a home that would be suitable for the return of her daughter.

It was a long hard road which had ups and downs but with the support of Depaul UK and Karbon she is back on track. She continued to build a home for her daughter and in 2013 she eventually won custody back.

Jamie secured a part time job and now enjoys living in her home which she has made into a comfortable and safe environment for her daughter. She is rightly proud of her achievements.

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