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Domestic Abuse Policy

Our Domestic Abuse Policy

We are committed to supporting any person who is experiencing domestic abuse. We will work closely with our partner agencies to ensure that the appropriate safeguards are put in place, and that the victim’s rights and wishes are respected.

We recognise that the safety of the victim, children and their family is paramount, and we will do all we can to ensure that they are protected.

Our Domestic Abuse Policy is designed to ensure our customers feel safe and secure in their homes and feel confident to report Domestic Abuse to Karbon Homes.

Our objectives


We believe that our customers should not live in fear of or with violence, abuse, coercive control or harassment from a partner, former partner, or any member of their household or family.


Anyone reporting domestic abuse to Karbon will be treated in a confidential, empathetic, supportive and non-judgmental way. Any disclosure of abuse will be believed, taken seriously, and advice and support will be given as a priority.


We will work with statutory and voluntary organisations to support victims, and to take action against perpetrators (where this is safe and appropriate). We will:

Ensure that anyone experiencing domestic abuse can access appropriate support as a matter of priority

Ensure that our staff are trained to deal with disclosures of domestic abuse effectively

Support people, of any gender, who are experiencing abuse, or have experienced abuse, by working in partnership with them and other support agencies

Provide options to victims of domestic abuse so that they are empowered to make their own decisions about what they would like to happen next and can make informed choices

Encourage victims to report domestic abuse and reassure them that they will be supported.

Offer caseworkers of the same gender for victims where requested, as some customers may feel more comfortable discussing their situation with a member of the same gender

Support those customers with any protected characteristics, including but not limited to LGBT, black and minoritised victims to access specialised support and information

Ensure that where children or young people are affected by domestic abuse, they too are safe and have access to services as soon as possible

Make appropriate safeguarding and any other necessary referrals if we believe that a child or an adult is at risk due to an abusive relationship

Support victims to make decisions around their housing needs, whether they wish to remain in their home or to move to a new home

Signpost victims to where they can access help with the use of civil and criminal laws. This can offer them protection and prevent further abuse

Support victims to take appropriate legal measures to protect themselves and their families

Take action and/or support victims to take action, where they chose to do so, against perpetrators

Support the victim in whatever decision they make. Whilst we might not understand their decision, if they decide to stay with or return to an abuser it is important they are made aware that they can come back and speak to Karbon and we will provide support.

Signpost perpetrators of domestic abuse to agencies who can offer them support and interventions to try and prevent the abuse reoccurring.

Recognise that domestic abuse is a gendered crime and support the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) agenda.

How do I report domestic abuse?

You can report domestic abuse in a variety of ways at a time and place that suits you:

Call: 0808 164 0111
Complete a Self-Referral Form 

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