With 1-2-1 support from one of our Foundations tutor, we can help you to reach your potential.

Would you like to improve your Maths and English to help with everyday literacy and numeracy tasks? If so the Foundations for Life team are here to help.

Tailoring the learning approach to your style and needs, we can help you to cover a wide range of milestones and topics in literacy/numeracy or both.

Sessions help with basic maths, covering topics that can support everyday skills including money management and budgeting, and everyday English, helping improve speaking and communication skills as well as reading and writing ability.

To find out more, or to speak to a tutor about getting started, get in touch foundations@karbonhomes.co.uk, or call 0191 223 8750


BKSB Accredited Maths and English

Do you need to improve your Maths or English but have never had the time or support to do so? Would achieving an accredited qualification in Maths and English help to build your confidence and aspirations or help you to go further in your career? 

The Foundations for Life team are on hand to support you with this by offering a digital learning resource through the UK.’s biggest functional skills provider. You can sign up with your own unique log in and have access to a dashboard of resources that match the criteria and curriculum of your qualification, from pre-entry up to Level 2.

Alongside this you will receive 1-2-1 support from one of our Foundations Tutors, who will be available to deliver sessions over the phone, via email, or by video call. Extensive teaching support will be readily available to help you meet the required learning and any additional requirements needed.

Literacy and Numeracy: Family Learning Support

During this very challenging time, where many families have children away from their school learning environment, it can become very stressful for parents to be able to fit in schoolwork while managing the household. The Foundations for Life team can offer support to parents who may need help in delivering literacy and numeracy work to their children, by working with parents to give develop their knowledge and put provide them with useful resources to help make sure that specific learning is taking place.

Our tutors can create a scheme of work and a learning plan, with easy to follow resources for parents to be able to give to their children. Parents will be able to study the work themselves first, after completing a 'train the trainer' session with their tutor, which will help them deliver the work to their children in more detail and with more confidence.

This approach not only helps build stronger relationships between parent and child during this period of homeschooling, but also helps both sides to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.