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About Us

Who We Are

Who we are

We’re all about providing foundations and understanding how a home can play its part in a fulfilling life.

This is the opportunity we want to offer all our customers.

As a profit-for-a-purpose business, every penny made through commercial activities is re-invested in supporting our core purpose. We work hard to balance a strong business head with a strong social heart, to make us successful, sustainable and values-driven.

Over the next five years, we’ll continue our  commitment to our mission; providing a strong foundation for life. 

Our most important responsibility as a landlord is to  provide our customers with safe and well-maintained  homes, so we’ll focus our investment on continuously improving them. Our commitment to customer safety and quality, as well as our approach to the decarbonisation of our homes, will help us to ensure that we meet current and future needs. 

We’ll play our part in addressing the housing crisis, through meeting a diverse range of housing needs across the North of England, using the resources we have to create the best possible impact. 

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Their voices will continue to be strengthened in order to influence the breadth of our activity. We’ll strive to ensure that all customers are included and feel  included in their interactions with us. 

We’re committed to making a difference and invest in the communities where our customers live. We know that making a lasting impact in neighbourhoods comes from good relationships, health and wellbeing and investing in education, training and employment.

It’s important that you feel you belong and are involved with what’s happening in your community. We’re focused on building happy communities that help you raise and realise your aspirations.

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