Karbon Homes is all about providing foundations, about the importance of a home for enabling people to lead successful lives. We believe having a strong foundation offers the possibility for people to develop the life they want, and this is the opportunity we aspire to offer all our customers.

We are a profit-for-a-purpose business, so every penny we generate through commercial activities is re-invested to support our core purpose. We work hard to balance a strong business head with a strong social heart, to ensure we are a successful, sustainable business and a values-driven organisation.

We provide strong foundations through providing affordable homes, supporting our communities and making a lasting difference in our neighbourhoods. We are one of the largest housing associations in the North, owning or managing almost 30,000 properties regionwide and employing almost 800 people.

These are times when our sector is being challenged to think about its core purpose, how we contribute to the economy and how we support the people who make the economy work. As a successful housing provider, we are ideally placed to do more to support and enable our customers and local communities to succeed in life.

Over the next five years we will be investing over £233 million in building new homes.

From affordable rented housing, to support for those looking to get on the home ownership ladder. From homes for older people who want to live independently, to Extra Care schemes that can provide round-the-clock support for those who are more vulnerable.

We are also taking a focused look at how we invest in communities. We know that to make a lasting impact in neighbourhoods we have to forge successful partnerships – considering investment for education, training and employment, as well as health and wellbeing.

Importantly, but perhaps elusively, we also have to help people feel that they belong and are engaged with what is happening where they live. This is an agenda focused on providing an integrated housing and community offer, to help people raise and realise their aspirations.