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Planned Maintenance

What is planned maintenance?

We know that every home needs a makeover once in a while

We continuously improve all of our properties to ensure our residents’ homes are happy places to be.

Planned maintenance is large-scale repair and improvement work done to a number of properties in a particular estate, village or area. For example, this could include the fitting of new windows or replacing roofs.

Each year, Karbon Homes spends in excess of £15 million on its planned maintenance programme which includes work such as:

  • Providing new double glazed windows and doors
  • Central heating replacements
  • External decorations and repairs
  • Rewiring
  • Renewing kitchens or bathrooms
  • Providing insulation and improving energy efficiency
  • Carrying out small environmental improvements.

This budget also includes responsive and cyclical repairs.

Some of our older properties may need some or all of these improvements and because not everything can be done at once, the work carried out each year depends on the condition of the various estates in each area.

Wherever possible we try to take into account residents’ preferences for the type and timing of work we carry out, but we must make sure that we improve those parts of each home and those estates which are in the worst condition.

As a result of our recent amalgamation, we are in the process of producing a new property upgrade programme that will lay out when the properties in your street are due for an upgrade.

We use a database compiled from surveys of our properties to establish which of our homes are due for improvements and when this work will take place. Our database tells us the age of kitchens, bathrooms and more, plus when they are likely to be in need of replacement.

If your property is due an upgrade we will be in touch to arrange a visit to your home prior to any work beginning.

For more information, please contact us and download our planned maintenance leaflet below.

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