We provide a range of housing to suit the varied needs of our customers. As well as providing homes for rent, we also develop homes for sale, predominantly through shared ownership or rent-to-buy.

Our subsidiary company Prince Bishops Homes is our commercial development arm, building homes for rent or to buy.

We also deliver a wide range of services and projects such as welfare advice; community initiatives, support for older people and housing for a range of different client groups requiring specialist support.

We employ over 700 staff

Have the capacity to build around 500 new homes a year

Have an annual turnover of around £115m

Own and manage around 24,000 homes

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We believe there are many benefits to becoming one larger association.

  • It will protect and enhance the services we offer at a time when the housing sector is operating in a very challenging financial climate.
  • It will make us more stable and allow us to control our own destiny.
  • We can share resources, costs and expertise and make efficiencies to reinvest in improving and maintaining our homes and neighbourhoods.
  • We can build more, much needed, affordable new homes for rent and to buy across the region.
  • We will have more purchasing power eg, when we need to buy goods and services for our residents or properties, ‘buying in bulk’ as a larger association will get us - and you – a better deal.
  • We will be better placed to influence and raise issues that concern or affect our tenants with local and national government.

Next steps

There is still a lot of work to do before we are fully operating as one organisation; such as combining our telephone and computer systems and changing our brand. We are also restructuring our teams so that we are better placed to deliver services to where they are needed and in the most efficient way.

In the short term, while you will still see our existing brands on our signs, vans, uniforms, ID badges, websites, and various other corporate and marketing materials, behind the scenes, we have already begun to align our services, building on our shared strengths, resources and skills. Our staff are working together to make sure that we do this as smoothly as possible.

Please bear with us as we go through our changes. We promise to deliver the same high standards of service so on a day-to-day basis you will hardly notice the change. So, it’s business as usual.

In the meantime, do continue to contact us in your usual way.